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“Working with Xprocon for the last five years has been an excellent experience. They are very knowledgeable and are able to adjust to the client's needs."

L. Subramanyan
CEO & Director, Trivone & Group

"Xprocon gives us quality accounting services, as well as compliances and any startup requirements. We look forward to a long relationship with them."

Tanmay Jaswal
Founder & Director, Chkfake Brand Protection Solutions

“I was nervous about outsourcing an accounting firm for sensitive data, but Xprocon was always utterly professional and transparent."

Malay Dwivedi
Head– Architectural and General Illumination, Lightsys

“Xprocon's knowledge and support have been extremely valuable over the past 6 years. Recommend them for all accounting compliance services."

Shivani Kapoor
Founder, ThinkStartup

"Xprocon's team has been exceptional over the last 4 years. They tune in to your needs and make strong proposals or give an extraordinary asset."

Deepak Sharma
Acura India

"Everyone in the team is professional, responsible, and diligent. Despite being in Bangalore, I don’t face any difficulties while working with Xprocon Services."

Ratneshwar Banerjee
Principal Consultant, Mercuri Urval India

"We have worked with Xprocon for about 3 years. A one-stop shop for all accounting needs, they are keep the business objectives in mind at all times."

Nalini Dhariwal
Director, Youreka Campouts

"I have worked with Xprocon for over 5 years, both for my company and for my personal work. They are sincere and hard-working. I look forward to working with them for years to come."

Sanjoy Sahgal
Founder & CEO, AXIND Software

"Xprocon took a poorly functioning accounting system and had it running smoothly in days. They always step up to any challenges. I would recommend Xprocon to anyone in any field."

Smita Sabharwal
Founder & CEO, Biryani Queen

"Working with Xprocon has been a pleasure. They have taken off all the complexity of GST taxes and filing from me. I value the honesty and the clean approach that they bring to the work."

Moushumi Dutt
Independent Communications Consultant

"Xprocon has been providing Accounting, HR and Tax services for my companies for over 4 years. They also support accounting for my US company, as well as my tax returns."

Sanjeev Kapoor
Founder & CEO, IT Exchange Inc

Our Values

At Xprocon, we understand the need for operating with the highest levels of discretion and integrity. We handle our clients' most sensitive financial data, and thus, we operate under a strict code of conduct guided by the strongest moral and ethical values.


No passing the parcel- taking personal responsibility at every stage.


High standards of business practices and a strong work ethic


In a world where data is king, high ethical standards are paramount

Sustainable Impact
Sustainable Impact

Beneficial, long-term impact for both the country and our clients

Strong Relationships
Strong Relationships

Forging partnerships based on mutual respect and trust


Off the record' means nothing- 100% honesty in everything we do

We Fulfil Your Every Business Need

Xprocon's team of experts provides accounting, taxation, business compliance services, and much more.