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One of the UK’s largest asset managers, overseeing billions in AUM for both institutional and retail clients. With a global reach and thousands of employees, this publicly listed firm is dedicated to creating long-term value for clients and helping them meet their investment goals.



The company was tasked with creating an extensive archive of the client's web and social media channels to meet compliance obligations. This requirement meant the client needed to archive every instance of their website, including the personalized web journeys delivered through their CMS. Additionally, the ability to archive approval workflows (as and when new pages are published) was important to improve record-keeping standards.



Our financial services customer is able to create a permanent certified archive in the time-stamped ISO28500 standard WARC file format. Each individual archived file is signed with a SHA1 digital signature and provides an unalterable record of all digital communications to meet compliance obligations. The Platform archives all of the client's web and social media content with full authenticity. Every instance of the website is also captured based on geo-location and any rule-based personalization. Each archive is then available to be replayed, searched and interrogated through the dashboard.

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The global asset manager was able to improve record-keeping compliance, reduce headcount and ensure data integrity instantly. The platform also allowed the client to capture all approvals workflows through their CMS when a new page is published, taking an instant archive of the published article along with a record of the audit log. The data gathered through the Platform not only surpasses the current FCA guidelines but also helps with big data initiatives and requirements for legal discovery.

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